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Industrial Design projects

What started out as a passion turned from free-time passage to a part time profession where I got to work with some amazing people and companies. The topic of Industrial Design aligns with my major and contributed to my pursuit of a degree in Industrial Design.

I apply Industrial Design to solve problems and make life easier. When working for clients, I always try to take in multiple perspectives and negate the best way to go about a design. In my design work I take cost efficiency, manufacturability and sustainability into account.


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Theme - Industrial Design


The next step in a digital immersive experience

The goal for this design is to provide a peek in to the future of digital creation and digital experience. The tools used to make it possible should not be in the way of what is intended to be achieved, providing me the excitement of making the design blend in to its intended use environment.

The design was created in collaboration with Dimenco Displays and the hardware provided by UltraLeap, suiting the MSI GT63 laptop to demonstrate a portable simulated reality solution.

Seen on CES Las Vegas, 2020:

• Dimenco – Sands, Hall G Booth 51726, Eureka Park
• Ultraleap – The Venetian, Level 3 – LIDO 3004

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Theme - Industrial Design


Timeless design, Quality audio

The design is inspired by the idea of timelessness found with unique aesthetic expressions of the Mona Lisa, Sagrada Família, Patek Philippe or some of the first Ferrari’s. 

I used the guidelines provided by nature for it to express a form of belonging, of ease and spontaneity. It is of a bold but humble character: not claiming all attention where it is applied, but rather standing out sufficiently to catch the eye and evoke an emotion of awe. 

The goal
The goal for this design is for it to be brought to market in close collaboration with a proven speaker brand that believes in timeless design. It should be positioned as ‘functional art’ rather than another ‘trendy product’. One way to achieve this is through high quality audio and premium materials.


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Theme - Industrial Design / circular product design

Nexi Acoustic Speaker

Tune in and play on

This project was requested by Nexi Industries to accomodate their Acoustic Pedal set. It was a purely visual design project with focus on matching the Nexi brand identity.

The project picture is also seen in the circular design page since it sparked the idea to make a Bluetooth speaker that would last forever in terms of resources.

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Theme - Entrepreneurship / Industrial Design

Bananaquarium ULS

Simply for everyone

The Bananaquarium Universal Light Support was the first product designed on client request. It took 4 iterations and 1 crucial observation to get to the design we brought to market. 

The design brief for the ULS was simple: create a support bracket to fit all existing lighting products in the aquarium market, which is also more affordable than the existing solutions, and looks more modern in terms of aesthetics.

The Universal Light Support is the only truly universal light support system that is sold around the world in aquarium specialty shops. The product comes with all features requested by the client, and wished for in the aquarium market, without raising the recommended retail price above the competitors.

Seen on CIPS Shanghai, 2018

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Theme - Entrepreneurship / Industrial Design

Bananaquarium Fishguard

Invisible application, visible results

This project is initiated from personal experience with losing pet fishes to an odd design flaw in modern aquarium design. The Bananaquarium Fishguard was created to include all open aquarium owners and provide them with 1 solution that would keep their fish safe and at the same time keep the open aquarium design intact. 

The Fishguard led to the creation of Bananaquarium; a brand that aims to serve the fishkeepers and protects the life in the artificial habitat.

The product is manufactured and sold internationally under a license held by the partners shown below. Patent number: NL2018241B1

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Theme - Entrepreneurship / Industrial Design

IoT Fire Extinguishers

Using existing infrastructure to make buildings 'smart'

The Safety Network (TSN) provided me and my colleagues with the assignment to “Use existing infrastructure to add value“. A very broad description, challenging us to find out what type of value to add, for whom and through what infrastructure. The latter was clear from the onset: (fire) safety products, but still the question remains what types.

The final concept allows facility managers to gain detailed insight in building use because the infrastructure that will be equipped with sensors is, by approximation, equally distributed throughout a building. All sensors together can provide a clear picture on what parts are used or not, and how intensively. It could result in a 10-30% reduction in building maintenance cost.

Business proposal:
The project started out as a university project and soon grew into the idea for an IoT business: the proposed design solution and potential added value was of interest for the client we got to propose a business plan and pitch for an investment of TSN.

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Theme - Entrepreneurship


The tangile e-book present

Bookstores are a very interesting type of business because of the personal touch they can add to the sales process of books: Something that is lacking with the sales processes of online stores such as Bol.com or Amazon. Because ebooks ar intangible assets it is a challenge to employ the ‘traditional’ brick & mortar bookstore business model to sell ebooks. 

With Giffy.inc we have designed a tangible element to carry ebook vouchers is, allowing bookstores to easily sell all their ebooks through on- and offline channels together wíth a tangible product. 

Above all, the product allows for a true gifting experience with ebooks: having the convenience of a digital book and the experience of giving or receiving a real gift.