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My Circular Economy projects.

Circular Economy promises a positive way forward – one where we can live on planet earth, even with 7.8 billion people. How? Most products we consume today are made to fail, something that leads to huge piles of waste that enter our landfills, incinerators and direct surroundings. 2.1 billion tonnes per year to be exact. How to solve it better than to avoid waste in the first place and create products that serve as resources for future products of value?

Below you see the projects I do to prove that it is possible.

Theme - Circular product design

Round & Round

A product that lives for ever

This project serves as a statement that it is possible to create real sustainable products that are cool to have and come with a healthy business model. This speaker is made of Niaga-Ecor panels that can be used as a resource for new panels after they need to be recycled. 

This means there is absolutely no need for new resources when creating a new speaker from and old R&R speaker.

The biggest challenge however, is the inevitable use of electronics. I solved this by setting it up modularly and making them easy to repair / replace to maintain repairability. We aim for collaborations with other circular product designers that use electronics to bundle the eventual electronics waste stream and make responsible recycling possible.

More on the project soon!

Theme - Product as a Service


Creating a world where parenthood is relaxed, sustainable and accessible

I have created Yumii because I saw an opportunity to make an industry more sustainable and be a pioneer in the PaaS economy. To get Yumii started, I assembled a team of great people who have been able to bring Yumii into existence.

Yumii focuses on the service for parents with sustainability (circularity) central in everything we do. Products are refurbished and reused, and remanufacturing by the suppliers when this is no longer possible. 

Goals and aims
Yumii aims to reduce resources turning to waste when a product of value no longer functions. We encourage and help manufacturers to optimize their product designs for the circular economy and the Product as a Service business model.

W.: www.yumii.shop
E.: info@yumii.shop

Important partners

Theme - From waste to value

Circulair challenge nederland

What to do with the mixed-plastics waste stream of Cure and Gemeente Eindhoven?

Together with 3 talented fellow participants I have worked on the ideation and creation of applications for the mixed-plastics waste stream of gemeente Eindhoven and Cure. Mixed plastics are thought of as impossible to process into valuable products because you cannot be assured of the material quality and safeness of it.

With Eindhoven as our client, we proposed a set of products for the city image that would reflect the vibe of the city: “City of Light” and “Innovation center of the Netherlands”. The products proposed were mixed-plastics poles where the opaque plastics would be bound by dirty-PET plastics, creating a flaked, semi-transparent pole fitted with a solar powered LED light in the top. These plastics could be forever used to create more poles from, avoiding incineration and adding value to the brand communication of the municipality.

Important partners